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Here are some savings analysis screenshots for Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New Jersey. These results are typical of cost savings on commercial and small business electricity use, but are not guaranteed. Your savings could be more or less depending on such line items as usage patterns, load factors, and generation/transmission costs.

Illinois savings of over 25% on a small commercial electricity account.

illinois savings

Pennsylvania, Philadelphia area over 30% on a larger commercial electricity account.

philly savings

Here’s a couple of accounts from New Jersey with savings of 9 to 19% on smaller commercial electricity accounts.

nj savings

nj 2 savings

So, if you’re looking for savings on your commercial or small business electricity rates you have 2 choices. Call me now @ 1-888-536-7782 or go to The Energy Consultant pricing platform and follow the instructions.

BUT! Don’t lock in until you speak with me regarding the pricing.

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