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The Energy Consultant

the energy consultantHi I’m Mike,
I’m an Independent Energy Consultant for an innovative organization known as Emex-Energy Markets Exchange.

So, exactly what do I do? As “The Energy Consultant” I’ve started my own business as a commercial energy broker. Yes! My own business. I’m currently looking for a few people who like to help people…

Imagine yourself owning your own business! But wait Mike where is all the hype, the hard sell, the guaranteed millions? Where’s the push button simplicity? Where’s the cars, vacations, financial freedom?

Honestly, you may want to sit down for this…”IT DOESN’T EXIST!” Sorry, but that is the truth! The only guarantees in this life are “Death & Taxes”… Now, I’m not saying there is no hope to achieve some of the financial rewards you see advertised on the internet…but it will require a few things…Willingness…Opportunity…Resolution…Kindness

Yup! There it is that dirty word…1st letter of each word above…W.O.R.K.! Let’s go over each one real quick…

Willingness… If you aren’t willing to get off the couch, and get out of your comfort zone…You will never succeed! Period!
Opportunity…Sometimes we can’t or won’t recognize opportunity…but often we can sell ourselves…Be Ready!!!
Resolution…Where we resolve to make a better life for ourselves and our family…Welcome some failure…Keep Going!
Kindness…Any business needs customers…When treated with Kindness…they become repeat customers…and tell friends!

Listen up! I know this business is not right for everyone and anyone…That’s not my intent here…starting a business where you will prosper, flourish, and grow is often pie in the sky. What I can tell you is if you W.O.R.K. anything is possible. I’m intentionally trying to steer people away from this opportunity! Why? I’ll explain that later…

Here is my proposal…I’m ready to teach, train, mentor, sponsor, tutor, lead, a few people who enjoy helping people. Everything is in place to begin holding your hand until your ready to run…What do you get in return?

I can hear you now…”Here comes the big pitch”…”How much does this cost?”…”What’s the monthly cost?”…

None of the above…This is as simple as I can make it…By joining me you get to start your own business…You help commercial and business owners save real money on their electric bills…When they sign…you make money…You keep all the proceeds!

Simple enough!

Yeah, I told you it was simple…Our company has already laid out the markets, training, support, websites, webinars, and marketing materials…

Opportunity…As more markets open up to energy deregulation our territories expand exponentially. Natural Gas and Residential are in the pipeline to open up even greater opportunity!

Ok…Enough of the fun stuff…If your ready to get busy in your own business send me an email for more details. It’s not an opt-in where I sell your email. Or hammer you with different offers…This is my business…My only business for now! “I got Big Plans…So Hang On!”

If you’re still reading this you must be at least curious! It is actually a test to see who is Willing to recognize an Opportunity and make a Resolution to act on my Kindness!

Here’s the email:

PS: Current markets are NY, NJ, CONN, MD, TX, PA, MASS, ILL. With more on the horizon. There is no scarcity. This offer won’t run out! But the timing couldn’t be better, see ya on the flip side.

“The Energy Consultant”