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About Emex

About EMEX Power, LLC


Emex Power, LLC began operations in 2007 and has since that time has become one of the largest electricity clearinghouse brokerages for all commercial businesses large and small.

The Emex pricing platforms allow industrial and commercial clients an aggressive pricing comparison, ability to review comprehensive cost savings analysis, and review executable online contracts from up to 15 National Retail Electric Suppliers in one place.

Emex serves as a cutting edge resource for business owners that fosters an unsurpassed transparent platform of pricing and cost savings analysis. All the while allowing customers and clients to better manage and budget for their energy needs.

Emex has the technology NOW to provide all businesses large and small commercial to industrial, fixed and variable rate pricing, and detailed analysis of current and historic market trends.

A state of the art online pricing platform oversimplifies the process for shopping energy prices. Providing the ability to easily and confidently switch from the default utility provider to a lower cost energy supplier.

Emex support begins from the minute you enroll your energy needs until the client is fully satisfied they have received the full attention and best possible pricing. Emex support is unparalleled in the industry and is committed to each client from start to finish and throughout the duration and length of the contract.

The level of expertise and knowledge of the industry ensures customer satisfaction and loyalty. When you call Emex during normal business hours your call will be answered by a human being. There is no voice mail during normal operating hours.

That’s why Emex is the absolute best of class in the industry.

Michael O’Reilly
The Energy Consultant

Talking to Clients

Talk to your customer, not above them

One of the biggest things that turns off prospective clients is when someone is talking way above their heads.

It’s insulting, it’s confusing, and it shows the client that the business person doesn’t care about them or their feelings. All they care about is making money.

A good way to generate leads is to talk to prospective clients in a way that they can understand. The last thing that anyone wants to do is to feel like they are dumb, and when they don’t understand what you are talking about, that
is how they feel.

Customer relationships are built on trust. Basically, it’s how you are perceived by the business owner. When I speak to businesses I mostly listen to what their needs are, and develop a plan to turn those needs into solutions.

By listening to a client, you can develop a keen sense of what their needs are. Such as:

  • Are they Really Interested?
  • Are they Really Busy and Need to Reschedule?
  • Are you Just a Windbag…Full of Yourself?
  • Or…Do you have a genuine concern for their business!

Whether you are making a flyer, a brochure, or your website. write it in layman’s terms so that people… whether it be the owner, manager or secretary…  can understand what it is that you are saying.

It’s easy to think that clients will be impressed by the vast knowledge that you show, but it can have just the opposite affect if they get turned off by terms that they don’t understand.

If there are terms that you have to use, consider including a glossary (list of terms and their definitions) so that people know that you thought of them when you were creating the information.

This will not only impress them but it will also show that you really care about them being well informed.

Don’t assume that everyone will know what you are talking about, or will be impressed by big words and a lot of jargon. Depending on who the target audience is, it may make them decide to turn around and go with your

My strategy is simple…meet the business owner or client. Describe quickly what I do…then listen for telltale signs of “What are their Needs!”

I always carry my business cards, flyer, or handout describing exactly what I do…and how I can help their business reduce overhead while controlling costs.