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Lower Commercial Energy Bills in NJ

The Energy Consultant LogoAttention New Jersey Business Owners! Want to save money on your electric bills?… The Energy Consultant has the solution to your skyrocketing energy costs.

My name is Michael O’Reilly, I’m an Independent Sales Associate for the Emex (Energy Markets Exchange). I will not try to sell you ANYTHING! But if you read on I will show you how to save money on your energy bills!

Now, what does this mean for you? I’ll answer that right now! Through energy deregulation, you have the right to choose your energy supplier. Didn’t know that? Yes indeed that is the truth, through the New Jersey Energy Choice Program.

Right now The Energy Consultant through Emex is producing substantial savings on electricity rates up to 20% below your current utility company. Here’s more good news there is no obligation to switch! Here are some of the benefits of switching your energy supplier:

Why Use Our Platform?

  • Breakthrough Technology

Our best-in-class online system makes it easier and faster than ever to save money on electricity.

  • One-Stop Shopping

Everything you need to shop for a new energy supplier is all in one place and easily accessible.

  • Transparent

Our online system makes an apples-to-apples savings analysis and breaks down all the charges so that you can make an informed decision.

  • No Cost to You

There’s absolutely no cost or obligation to obtain a quote or compare rates with EMEX

  • Complete Support

Our sole focus is helping you decide if switching to another energy supplier is right for your company. We’ll help you through the process, and continue to serve your needs once the switch is made.

Ok, so I showed you some of the benefits, and by switching you can lower your electric bills, and take advantage of historically low electricity rates. Check out these savings.

If your still reading you must be at least somewhat interested. Relax, Emex is licensed and bonded with the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. Consumers are actually encouraged to shop for better energy rates.

Here is what you will need to generate lower electric rates for your business, and REALLY folks leave your wallet where it is. You won’t need it!

Go to:

  • Enter your Zip Code or State
  • Choose Current Supplier
  • Click Get Rates Now

Follow Instructions on the Screen

Yeah! That’s It!

Why wait? Go now to my website and see the cost savings analysis. You will need to input additional information located on your bill to view the energy savings analysis.

But relax, we don’t need any confidential information. Lastly, there’s no cost or obligation to get the customized quotes.

Get Rates Now:

PS: One last thing, if you think this is something you would be interested in doing to earn a nice residual income, while helping business owners save money. Contact me directly, my phone number is on the website, my personal email address:

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